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Coffee Shop’s Free Wi-Fi can Expose Your Data to Hackers





Connecting to a public Wi-Fi is a gift for professionals as well as tourists keeping the high data cost for roaming in mind. But there is a danger to it. As connecting to the free available network can expose your data easily to the hackers who waits for your logging into the free network.

Signing very frequently into free internet at anywhere one goes from hotels, conferences to coffee shops or shopping malls anywhere in the world can be dangerous when there is a lack of multiple layered encryption and security.

Google and Analysys Mason, global research firm recently reported India’s public Wi-Fi can capture 40 million new users who are connected by 2019. It will result in at least the addition of roughly Rs. 1,38,000 crores ($20 billion) to the country’s GDP.

Recent Survey report from Kaspersky Lab revealed that 53% of smartphone owners and 70% of tablet owners use public Wi-Fi hotspots.

The data that one sends with public Wi-Fi can easily be intercepted and many public Wi-Fi users are risking the personal information’s security along with money and digital identity as reported by Kaspersky.

The vulnerability of such instances is commonly reported everywhere in the world. Hackers have proved that it is very easy to break into public Wi-Fi networks.

Hackers also use the public networks to hack into confidential data of users who log into the public Wi-Fi networks to avail free service. They don’t understand the danger of the steps they have taken.

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