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Heavy Metal Miniplanet Survived Death of Its Star

David Peterson




We often wonder what might happen if the sun dies. It’s pretty simple, at first the nuclear reactor powered by hydrogen will have no more fuel to function. The sun will swallow up everything in its way like the Mercury, Venus and hopefully Earth with all the life in it. That is because it will swell to a red giant 100 times of its original size. The next thing would be the destruction of the helium that is present in its core. That would cause the fusing of atoms into carbon, only until it finished up all the energy and materials to function the process.

At last, it will finally collapse by throwing out the upper layers that covered the sun and turn into a dense sphere. It will be glowing and wouldn’t be much bigger than the Earth. No one certainly knows the exact outcome of the catastrophe as it might occur some five million years from now. However, a recently found planetary system might suggest the consequences.

About 410 light years from our little planet Earth, resides a heavy metal core body, which is assumed to be the wretched version of its previous look. It is expected to be a planet before whatever happened to the metal body. As described in the Journal science on Thursday, the wretched foreign entity is the second death star found orbiting in space. It is stated as evidence of what happens to the planetary bodies when the sun dies. This is a fate of all the planets in the solar systems in space including the very own of which we live in. An astronomer of NASA’s Exoplanet Science Institute, Jessie Christiansen stated that the fate of the metal bodies might be a picture of what might happen to the solar systems in the future. It is both thrilling and terrifying.

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