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Apple’s Patent Related to Healthcare Receives Award




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Apple has apparently been granted a patent for a technology which it implemented. This might allow future Apple devices to detect toxic gases, and this list includes carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and methane. It was spotted by a website that tracks Apple’s patents, and this new patent has revealed details regarding the company’s miniature gas sensors which will come equipped with features such as improved stability, enhanced poisoning resistance, and reduced signal resistance. Apple told that they had filed their patent application way back in March 2018 but the company, in recent times, just received an award for the patent. No details regarding when this new patent would be implemented in Apple’s devices have been revealed. 

report from Patently Apple said that Apple, the Cupertino-based company has been awarded a patent for their new health sensor which will have the ability to detect harmful gases as well as notify the consumers of such toxic elements in the environment surrounding them. It looks like the company has been building a robust miniature gas sensor which can be used in Apple devices such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad.

The Patently Apple report noted that Apple’s gas sensor implementation would enable in removing chemically poisonous and interfering species from an incoming gas stream thereby enhancing the sensor’s poison resistance as well as stability and would result in a reduced signal drift over time.

The patent revealed that Apple sensors will be able to detect ozone, nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. In addition to this, it will also be able to detect siloxanes, sulfates, phosphates, and chlorides.

It is just a patent, and the actual commercial implementation hasn’t happened yet and is actually a mystery at this point in time, but Apple Watch and iPhone seem to be potential devices for the sensors to be packed in. Apple has increased their focus on the health sector and this definitely seems to be in line with their goals. CEO Tim Cook also told CNBC that a few decades from now, he would want people to remember Apple for its great contributions in the health sector.

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