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US Workers are fearful of Tech innovation taking their jobs

David Peterson




Recently Walmart introduced an autonomous floor scrubber in one of its stores. The 4ft tall machines took many customers by surprise. This has also relieved some of the store employees, that were in charge of maintenance. The manager was happy as he didn’t have to hire more people and it is a lot easier to control machines.

The autonomous floor scrubber uses sensors to scan its environment and to avoid object or people in its way. Reports suggest that this just the tip of the iceberg as Walmart pushes for big-box discounting by incorporating more AI tech and reduce workforce to some extent. The retail giants are set to spend around $36mil on the upgradation of the stores in Washington.

Their rivals Amazon and Kroger are also upgrading their store and bring in more AI tech to compete for customers as AI offers convenience and keep the price low. These are worrying signs for the US where low unemployment rate and corporate tax has resulted in wage rise, which increased the temptation of automation.

Although the people at Walmart argue that automation won’t result in a massive drop in employees. They would still need employees to control the machines and take care of them.

“While we will cutoff jobs in the future due to automation, but it will open new opportunities for our employees to earn.” – said Walmart manager.

But it hasn’t helped as many stories from Walmart store accounts for paranoia among employees after the installation of such machines in the store. They are afraid that their jobs will be cut off very soon. This is evident as almost 50,000 people lost their jobs who used to work in a retail store in the past year.

With growing automation, you can expect even more people losing their jobs in the near future.

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