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Netflix to cast John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, and Alex Hassell

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The recent announcement confirms that Netflix will be presenting a live-action Cowboy Bebop series where John Cho will be the lead cast in Star Trek, Mustafa Shakir will be the lead cast in Luke Cage, Daniella Pineda will be the lead cast in Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom and Alex Hassell will be the leading cast in The Miniaturist. The series is entirely based on the animated Japanese original manga series; the role of Spike Spiegel will be played by John Cho, Jet Black will be played by Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda will play the part of Faye Valentine, and Alex Hassell will play the Vicious.

The character of Spike Spiegel is a bit mysterious as he hallucinates his lost love, Julia. This acts as a twisting point in his life. Jet Black’s character is quite optimistic about his spaceship Bebop’s crew, but, his hope gets destroyed in the end, and this makes him realize the reality. The character of Faye Valentine is a bit off-track. She is fraud here, with a poor memory vision, and tries tricking people with their money after gaining their trust. Vicious’ character is about a best friend of Spike who later turned to be his greatest opponent.

There is a possibility that the role of Radical Edward can get featured in this series too. The season one will contain ten episodes. Christopher Yost is the writer of the first episode. Christopher Yost, Andre Nemec, Josh Appelbaum, Jeff Pinkner, and Scott Rosenberg of Midnight Radio are the executive producers respectively. Also, the studio that is involved in the making of this series will serve as executive producers. The directors of the original manga series will work cordially with producers and will also help to modify the roles by correctly directing the plot.

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