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Zuckerberg Aiming to Stop Interference During Elections

émilie Martin




The globe’s biggest social networking website, Facebook is taking certain steps to stop the people from manipulating the presidential election of United States for the year 2020 as stated by the chief executive officer of Facebook,  MarkZuckerberg. Zuckerberg noted in a Good morning America interview on Thursday that since 2016, the members of Facebook failed to defend the nation’s states interference. These things have no ultimate solutions. These are races where it’s necessary to stay ahead of the high stated bad actors that try to manipulate and fool. According to the US intelligence agencies,  there was a substantial Russian cyber influenced operation during the time of the 2016 election campaign that was conducted to help Donald Trump. The help was forwarded to Donald Trump who was a Republican than to defect the democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

However,  the allegations were never accepted by Russia. Mark Zuckerberg has made sure that the social media giant catches any advertiser that is running politics related advertisement and creates archives to let the public view the commercials running, through targeting and paying. This idea was implemented from 2016 to detect manipulators and prevent them.  Facebook is a huge social media platform and by far the best for advertisements to spread anything and everything. There are about 2.7 billion users of Facebook.

The annual revenue is $56 billion. In spite of all the discontent that has grown over security and user data,  the media platform had been the target for two years. According to the reports of the company,  the Russian agents created over 129 events on the platform related to the 2016 elections. This highlighted the missed information of Russia aimed at the voters. The CEO of Facebook stated that proper measures are taken to prevent similar events that different countries might attempt like the Russian agents in 2016. When asked Mark Zuckerberg about the possibility of the event taking place in the future, all he could say was that there is a guarantee of this taking place again.

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