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Xiaomi to launch a new smartphone of Mi series with In-Display Fingerprint Sensors




Mi A3

The Mi A2 was a great phone and a huge hit as it was the right gadget at the right time. The biggest hit that the smartphone took was that of the presence of stock Android all because of the Android One programme. Even today, it is a great gadget to buy. However, with the new age of smartphones, people tend to buy new products. However, great news comes for the ones waiting for the successor of Mi A2. According to a recent report, Xiaomi is currently working on two different Android smartphones. The assumption directly goes to the successor of Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite.

The junior developer of the XDA developers known by the name Franztesca has recently discovered the news of their models which was later confirmed by the XDA developers. According to the reports, Xiaomi is currently working on three new devices and the hardware testing is being done. The three new devices are codenamed as ‘Pyxis’, ‘bamboo_sprout’ and ‘cosmos_sprout’. As per the reports, the bamboo_sprout and the cosmos_sprout are assumed to be Android one phone. This assumption was made because Google plays android one phones is codenamed as sprouts. There is a high chance of these devices to be the new Mi A3 or Mi A3 Lite.

The Mi A2 was launched as Mi 6X in China. The name Pyxis is said to be a Chinese variant of the Miseries. In the early months of January, Franztesca discovered the hints in the MIUI 10 code which is a direct clue that Xiaomi might be working on Mi A3 smartphone. However, the exact reason for the codenames is yet to be assured. There is a good chance of these smartphones to be powered by Snapdragon 675 or 710 instead of Snapdragon 855. The reports confirm that the smartphones are also tested with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The phones might have a 32- megapixel selfies camera. However, all these are mere assumptions for the smartphones to be of Mi series.

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