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Tesla to Bring Cheaper Model 3 Cars in China





US electric car-making giant, Tesla has announced that they would be taking orders in China starting from Friday for their lower-priced version of the Model 3 car since they hope to improve the sales in China, which has been affected due to the US-China war due to tariffs and taxes. During a statement, Tesla said- “The Chinese customers will have the facility to place orders for a long-range, rear-wheel-drive Model 3 variant which will have a starting price of CNY 433,000 ($64,300.56).

In the past, the starting price for the same Model 3 in China was CNY 499,000, for an all-wheel-drive long-range version. Tesla earlier announced that they would deliver these cars to customers in China beginning from March.  

Tesla also has plans of building a factory in Shanghai which will be used to manufacture Model 3 cars in the initial phase instead of importing them to China.

In October, Tesla said that their China sales have been affected due to Beijing increasing the tariffs on imports from US autos to a whopping 40 percent starting from July. China, since then, has temporarily suspended the additional 25 percent tariff and reduced the charges to 15 percent level.

Tesla adjusted the prices of their US-made cars in China so as to keep their cars affordable in the country, which is also being considered as a move to fend off competition from a variety of domestic electric vehicle startups such as Nio, Byton and XPeng Motors.

Tesla said that they wish to start producing the Model 3 cars in Shanghai plant by the second half this year and also have aims of building 3,000 Model 3 vehicles per week.

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