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New Downtime Customization Feature on iOS 12.2





After Apple hinted at adding “Hey Siri” support for their AirPods 2 during their next big iOS 12.2 update, they have been planning to add a new feature which would allow users to customize and adjust their Downtime schedule. Downtime is an iOS feature which is used to synchronize across all iCloud devices which would allow users to set a schedule during which the apps and phone call services would be allowed on the devices. This feature had been originally introduced along with the iOS 12 last year, whereas the previous iOS versions would set the Downtime schedule every day.

On Sunday, 9To5Mac reported- “With iOS 12.2, users will now be able to set custom Downtime for every day depending on the day of the week. Many people might also likely prefer Downtime to kick-in at a later time on the weekends in comparison to the downtime during the week and this new setting will allow such a facility.

The feature made its way to the first beta of iOS 12.2 which released last week along with other additions which included screen mirroring icon in the control center, much detailed Apple Wallet user interface (UI) and Air Quality index on the Maps amongst the others. 

In addition to this, the iOS 12.2 beta has revealed that Apple has been working on a subscription service in Apple News as well as handsfree voice command support for their next-generation of AirPods. 

No official date has been announced for the launch of iOS 12.2 as of now. The other iOS versions namely the iOS 12.2 are also being expected to go through a number of beta versions before it would get to a stable build.

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