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Instagram Denies Limiting User’s Post





The Facebook-owned company, Instagram denied a growing rumor that the company had been limiting the visibility of user’s posts to just 7 percent of the number of user’s followers. On Wednesday, the company published a number of responses on Twitter and tried to clear up the confusion regarding the rumor as well as the details of how the user feeds work on their platform. The company forced their new algorithmic feeds on users back in 2016 and since then, the users of this platform have panicked time and time again over the reach of their posts.

A number of unsuspecting Instagram users have shared a post that claims- “Instagram has been limiting our posts which means only about 7% of our followers will be able to see our posts.”

The hoax got so big that Instagram had to come out and officially address this misinformation.

The company tweeted thus- “We have noticed an uptick in posts regarding Instagram limiting the reach of the user’s photos to about 7% of their followers, and we would love to clear this up. What shows up on the individual feeds is determined by a wide number of factors, and this includes the freshness of the posts, how a particular user uses the platform, the hashtags and much more. The platform hasn’t limited the reach of any of the user’s posts.”

In their follow-up tweet, Instagram added- “What shows up first on the user’s feed is determined by what posts and accounts the user engages with the most, and it also includes other contributing factors such as the timeliness of posts, how often the user uses Instagram, how many people they follow, and much more, W haven’t made any feed ranking algorithm changes,  because if the users keep scrolling, they will end up seeing all the posts.”

report in Buzzfeed suggested that Instagram reach hoax is not just limited to individual users, and smaller brands who have a following of few hundred thousand followers have fallen for this hoax and posted requesting the user’s to comment words so that their reach goes up. 

A separate report from New York Magazine said that Instagram reach hoax has gained lots of momentum since the last week, but this hasn’t been the first time that such a post has popped up on Instagram. Most of the times, social media platforms are filled with unsuspecting users who have taken such posts at the face value and have panicked unnecessarily.

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