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Apple Faces Another Legal Shot from Qualcomm After Escaping One Import Ban





Qualcomm, the chipmaker has directed multiple legal shots at Apple pursuing to use patents for getting an import ban on Apple’s iPhone. Tuesday on separate rulings, one legal shot got missed and one hit.

On Tuesday the US International Trade Commission one of Qualcomm patent for battery saving feature. Earlier a separate trade judge has said that Apple has infringed another Qualcomm patent and also recommended some older iPhones models should be banned. The commission is scheduled to release their final decision on this case in July.

The cases are near about 80 globally between these two companies which have lasted over two years. Qualcomm is finally hoping for its victory, especially an import ban which could give greater leverage to it in technological licensing negotiations. Qualcomm has said that it has billions of dollars due in unpaid royalties on Apple’s iPhone as these two companies are arguing over the value of Qualcomm’s patents.

The California based company Apple has denied infringing of any patents in these two cases. They also claimed that Qualcomm is just trying to shut Apple as it is Qualcomm’s only US-based competitor in the tech market. Apple is sure that it will hinder the 5th generation of mobile communications development. Apple has argued at the trade agency for both the cases, that import ban should not be imposed even in case of finding a patent violation.

Qualcomm, however, argued that it is the opposite which is true. If Qualcomm fails to enforce its patents, its innovation value will be lessened and its rivals especially Huawei Technologies of China a greater market share. Qualcomm has said that the Intel products are inferior. The company also accused Apple and Intel of incorporating Qualcomm’s unlicensed inventions into Intel chips for improving their quality.