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Google handed with third anti-trust fine by European Union





It is expected that the giant tech company, Google is to be handed with a third antitrust fine in Europe this week. However, according to some reports that are doing the rounds, the decision of the European Commission in its long-running investigation of AD sense could make its landing even today.

Google has announced that in the upcoming months it has decided to prompt its users of existing and new Android devices in Europe to choose which browser and search applications are they most likely to use. Google’s announcement is followed by specific licensing changes for Android in Europe which Google had announced last year. This announcement of Google was on account of the European Commission’s $5BN antitrust fine that it had imposed on Google for the anti-competitive behavior on the arena of how it operates the dominant smartphones OS.

The tech giants are all well versed in the manipulation of dark pattern designs, thus further enables them to create certain content flows that further delivers the desired contents of the tech giants. In such a case how exactly a user is prompted to make a choice of his preferred browser and search applications is the main key.

The users are given choices which are designed in such a way that is based on wording, button or the text size and color and even the timing of prompt, that promotes Google’s preferred web browser and search applications choice that encourages the android users to stick with its default apps may actually not be a choice in itself.

The prompt for its choice will, in turn, the Android users via the play store app. To use the play store app for a prompt, the user would require an Android device to have the Google app store pre-loaded in it.

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