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Google to Follow Steps of Apple, Creates A Wearable Device




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After Cupertino-giant Apple, it is Google’s parent company Alphabet’s turn to work its way towards welcoming health as a priority in their products. Currently, the company’s health division Verily has apparently received FDA 510(k) clearance to perform its Study smartwatch for an on-demand ECG feature.

The Verge reported that the Study Watch was announced two years ago and its intention was to be a test platform for the company to research on the best way to gather health data which would be used on a wearable device. 

The smartwatch already features the ECG, but it didn’t receive FDA clearance. The feature has increasingly become a standard for many manufacturers and FDA’s approval to that feature in a Class II device will not mean clearance for the actual efficacy of the device itself and will only mean that it is safe to be used. 

Alphabet’s Study Watch is basically a prescription-only device but it can’t be used as a consumer smartwatch. The EKG feature on the Study Watch can be used to record, store, transfer, and display single-channel ECG rhythms.

The Apple Watch Series 4 also comes with an FDA-approved ECG feature which was rolled out early last month and was updated to watchOS 5.1.2. The Apple Watch Series 4 was initially launched way back in September, along with the 2018 iPhone models. The ECG functionality has been one of the biggest highlights of the watch during the launch, and it also managed to save a precious life, that too within a day after it was rolled out. 

The Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG feature is being currently seen only in the US, and it also offers a low heart rate notification, an alert to show atrial fibrillation (aka A-Fib). During the launch, Apple claimed that it was the first ever ECG product which has been made available over the counter, to the consumer directly.  The results of the ECG app would be stored in the Health app which would be connected to the iPhone, and this can also be shared in the form of a PDF file with others.

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