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Oculus Rift S VR Headset Announced, Built-In Tracking, and Higher-Resolution Display





Oculus VR’s next-gen Rift virtual reality headset has launched. The new device features tracking which is inside-out. It eliminates any need for external sensors. The Rift S comes up with a higher-resolution screen than its predecessors. The Rift S with a head-mounted display is likely to ship in this Spring, at roughly Rs. 27,300 ($399). Oculus is yet to announce an exact launch date.

Oculus states that they have collaborated Lenovo, the electronics giant, for developing Oculus Rift S. Over the previous headset, the update of Rift S is not significant, but it focuses on offering high-quality VR experience. The ergonomics are also better.

The core platform of both the Oculus Rift S and the previous model is the same. It means users can be able to access the VR contents of both headsets. The PC requirements for Oculus Rift S are the same as its predecessor, the original Rift.

Oculus will soon enable cross-play and cross-buy features. These features let the users upgrade their hardware while their library will be still accessible.

The Oculus Rift S VR headset features a high-resolution display which will come up with improved Fresnel lenses. The display panel will offer the resolution of 2560×1440 with the refresh rate of 80Hz. The headset includes near-ear speakers and a headphone jack for audio.

The device comes with Oculus Insight, an inside-out tracking system, as the previous reports confirm. It negates the external camera requirements for full-body movement. The upcoming Quest VR headset of the company will also include Oculus Insight.

Passthrough Plus, a new feature is also brought to the Rift S platform by Oculus. The users can view real-world surroundings when they set up their VR space using the Guardian tool of Oculus. Switching between the real-world feed of the users’ surroundings and the Home Launcher will be quick because of the inclusion of inside-out tracking system.

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