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Cisco makes it AI Conversation Platform “MindMeld” open source

Catherine Feather




Cisco announced this week that it made its conversation AI platform, “MindMeld”, an open source and can be used by anyone under the Apache 2.0 license.

Cisco bought MindMeld which is a conversational AI company in 2017. This deal was done by Cisco with an idea of combining this AI with their Cisco Spark Assistant to bring voice commands. They were able to make some progress later that year.

However, companies are combining together to bring a voice to enterprise use cases. Cisco is doing its part by offering its software and its tools to developers.  This is a big step towards empowering developers who don’t have access to comprehensive and practical tool by making their conversational AI MindMeld opensource for everyone.

Cisco is backing its statement of empowering developers by releasing the Conversational AI Playbook. It is a detailed guide book which will help developers to get familiar with the conversation platform and get started with it. This will make the work of developers lot easy and encourage people to push for voice commands.

But it is Cisco who is getting the best deal from this; they will have more sets of developers working with and on their platform. With open source, the developer community will bring some change which Cisco customer will test it and eventually improve the tool. This will help Cisco creating a faster and better conversation AI.

Although, this doesn’t mean everyone will stop what they are doing and jump on this. But seeing the growing trend of voice-enabled used cases, we could potentially see a number of developers get into it as time pass, and it will be up to Cisco about how to keep these developers hungry and engaged. You can get all this information on Cisco own platform “DevNet”, starting today.

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