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Jeff Bezos Collaborates with TeleSat




Jeff Bezos

The rocket company, Blue Origin, which is owned by Amazon CEO recently signed a deal with Canada’s Telesat with the aim of launching a part of a satellite constellation which aims at providing speedy internet access to governments and businesses all over the world.

The contract has added an important customer to Blue Origin since Bezos’ space venture has been working to get a part of the lucrative launch services market wherein they also have their in-development heavy-lift New Glenn rocket which has been planned for 2021.

Telesat is backed up by Loral Space & Communications, and in October they conducted the first-ever live test of in-flight broadband through a satellite in low-Earth orbit. It has targeted the year 2022 for broadband services through a constellation of about 300 satellites.

During a statement, Telesat said- “Our network will accelerate 5G expansion, and it will bridge the digital divide with the help of fiber-like high-speed services into rural and remote communities and will be setting up new levels of performance for both commercial as well as government connectivity.

Telesat is one of the competing ventures which has plans of constellations which would beam down internet broadband from the space. The other companies include McLean, Virginia-based OneWeb, who have plans of launching their product in February, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink project, which has plans of launching their product very soon.  

The Satellite Industry Association lobby group has estimated the global market for satellite-based broadband and television services as $127.7 billion.

Telesat has announced that they would choose between Europe’s Airbus SE and a partnership with either Thales Alenia Space or Maxar Technologies Inc to develop their constellation’s ground and space systems.

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