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Facebook to block biased foreign contents for Australia’s Election

Samuel Marquis




Facebook, the much used social networking site has promised to take down and block posts from outside Australia that are based on Australia’s electoral advertisements. The election is in the upcoming month of May, and as Facebook is facing a great challenge for the fake contents that gets featured, so it decided to settle the situation in this way. Facebook’s Director of Policy for Australia and New Zealand said that protecting against contents from outside the concerned country will be a feasible way to support the transparency of the election platform. She also noted that this blockage of the different materials relating to political sentiments and slogans are temporary and will remain in motion until the election gets completed.

As media and social platforms are quite powerful in biasing familiar people’s view towards any issue, so the Facebook and Alphabet Inc’s Google have decided to cross check the political contents released in Australia. The improvised version of any news is exceedingly harmful in many situations. Brazil and Malaysia have greatly suffered because of this reason in the last year. This measure that has been taken is expected to overcome the temporary problems now. Similarly, India has also partnered with great social sites like Facebook and Twitter and decided to restrict unwanted news and contents.

Facebook stated that it aims to do a partnership with France-Presse, that’s a news agency, and try developing a fact-checking process in Australia. This will help to monitor and removing unwanted contents and help to prevent rumors and stories in such a vital situation. Last month, it already blocked contents about white separatism that already created a great uproar. The country has declared for a huge amount of compensation in case any such material is found and is not taken down in a short time.

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