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Huawei Clarifies Regarding an Issue and Works with Twitter to Resolve it





This week, Huawei responded to a number of users reports which popped up online. They went on to clarify that the company has not been involved in deleting the photos of anyone that have downloaded photos from Twitter. The company went on to add that it had been a glitch in the system that had shown an incorrect notification to some selected users of two specific Twitter versions for Android builds. But the photos saved by the users were safe in another folder on the phone. The Chinese smartphone maker said that they have been working together with Twitter to resolve this issue.

report from Tech Radar suggested that a Taiwanese website Apple Daily was the first one to write regarding these concerns of a few Huawei smartphone users in China, that claimed that the company had been deleting the photos which had downloaded from Twitter in their phones. The fears regarding a backdoor entry on Huawei phones also increased. The user reports started popping up on Reddit, and one of the users claimed that he had been facing the same issue on his Honor phone as well.

The Chinese smartphone maker released a statement wherein they noted that the issue has been investigated and whenever Huawei phone users who have two specific builds of Twitter for Android download any photo from the social network’s app, the Twitter app would immediately copy those image to another folder and would delete them from the phone’s gallery. This action would further trigger notification from the smartphone that told the users about the deletion of photos, which is what has been the reason behind this chaos.

Huawei told Tech Radar thus- “We have investigated the issue, and Huawei has discovered that whenever users of certain devices download an image with the help of specific builds of the Twitter app (version 7.78.0 and 7.77.0), the app would automatically create a folder with the same name as that of the image and promptly delete it in the background. This action has triggered Huawei’s built-in image protection alert and has caused the system to notify the user of a deletion. But in reality, the images are not affected. Users will be able to find their images at the following location: File Manager/picture/Twitter. We are “currently in conversation with Twitter, and we hope to resolve this issue real quick.

It is not clear whether or not Huawei would release a software update in order to address the problem or Twitter would update its app. 

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