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All Details about to-be-launched Metro Exodus




Metro Exodus

The Metro Exodus release date has been revealed as February 15 but it looks like the game has been rolled out in certain parts of the globe, particularly in the Middle East.  Images of Metro Exodus PS4 copies were seen online after they were posted by enterprising retailers in the UAE who have been selling the game early. This looks like the copies of European versions which have a PEGI rating that indicates the same. On the other hand, Metro Exodus reviews will go live from 3 pm GMT (8:30 pm IST) on February 13 and the download size of the game is about 50GB on PS4 and Xbox One.

Metro Exodus can be played fully four days before it is released depending where the user lives, this won’t be the case for the PC version of it. In a post on Steam, publisher Deep Silver confirmed the development where it was stated that those who pre-order the game on Stream will be able to play the game on Feb 15th, and those who pre-ordered the Gold Edition of the game will receive expansion pass content as and when it is released, along with other pre-order bonuses for the games. Players who purchase the standard edition on Steam will be able to buy the expansion pass when it is released later on.

The Metro Exodus franchise has a cult following in India, but publisher Deep Silver doesn’t look like they have an Indian distributor following their previous Milestone going out of business. A list of specialist game retailer Games The Shop suggested that this could change soon.

It could be available in India starting from February 15, but will be available only on PS4. In the past, Metro Exodus for both PS4 and Xbox One had been listed for release in India. The Metro Exodus PS4 has been priced at Rs. 3,499.

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