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Apple Finds Facetime Bug, Soon to be Fixed





Apple announced that they had fixed a privacy flaw in its group video chat software and had plans to improve how reports of software bugs are handled after a teenager and his mother tried to warn the iPhone maker regarding the bug. Apple said on Monday that the flaw in its FaceTime chat software would be fixed, that allowed users to hear the audio of a person they were calling before that person answered the call.

This bug was discovered by Grant Thompson,14-year-old who along with his mother, Michele. They said they tried to report this bug to Apple but struggled to get their attention until the problem gained traction on social media.

On Monday, Apple turned off the FaceTime group chat feature as their engineers worked to fix the issue. The company later announced that it had fixed the bug on its servers and will turn on the feature to the users the coming week.

Grant Thompson told Reuters TV that he was trying to chat with his friend while playing a video game when he discovered the bug. Apple thanked the Thompson family for reporting such a problem.

Apple announced that they want to assure the customers that as soon as our engineering team became aware of the bug, they quickly disabled Group FaceTime and began work on the fix. They also said they are committed to improving the process of escalating bugs and reports, in order to get them to the right people as fast as possible.”

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