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Oppo Shows 10X Optical Zoom Camera During A China Event





Oppo teased its new 10x optical zoom camera technology during an event in China. The company didn’t reveal any smartphone which would use such a technology nor did it give a demo about it at the event, but only promised to share more details at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC).

The 10x hybrid optical zoom technology has been built upon the company’s 5x hybrid optical zoom system which was also unveiled during the MWC 2017, but unfortunately, it never appeared in a commercial device. In addition to this, the company also announced a new in-display fingerprint sensor which would include the phone to read two fingerprints simultaneously.

As promised in the past, Oppo, earlier during the day, offered a sneak peek at its upcoming 10x hybrid optical zoom technology during an event. The new technology has the ability to offer the equivalent to 15.9mm to 159mm focal length. The company stated that it is using a triple camera set up in this new technology, instead of the dual camera setup in 5x hybrid optical zoom tech. The new setup will include an ultrawide-angle camera, a primary camera, and a third camera with periscope style setup for the telephoto action. The new setup starts with an ultra-wide perspective and will zoom in to medium telephoto. The company also claimed that all three cameras will seamlessly transition from 1x to 10x optical zoom. Like the last time around, it will have optical image stabilization in the primary camera and periscope setup to make sure that the consumers don’t end up with blurry shots.

Oppo noted that the three camera setup will make sure that the overall camera module is not very thick and will be able to fit in a regular smartphone. The company went on to reveal that the setup has been made ready for the mass production, but no details regarding when it can be seen in an actual smartphone were provided. However, Oppo promised to give a demo of the 10x hybrid optical zoom tech at MWC later this month.

In addition to this, the Chinese manufacturer also unveiled their new in-display fingerprint sensor during the event. The company claimed that they have been able to expand their active area of the sensor by about 15 times of the existing solutions and that their new sensor can read two fingerprints at the same time simultaneously.  The new in-display fingerprint sensor will be included in the phones this year.

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