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Facebook Allows Cross-Border Campaigning in the Upcoming EU Elections

David Peterson




Facebook has taken a decision a few days back to block any kind of cross border campaigning on the platform. This means that any person who wants to campaign for a political party in a certain place has to provide Facebook a confirmation that he/she belongs to that particular place only. The person living in one place wasn’t allowed to campaign for any person who is present in another place. This decision was very remarkable back then, but Facebook is now changing its rules for the election campaigning in the EU.

Nick Clegg has told that the social media platform will now allow the cross border campaigning option and anyone can campaign from any place via their platform. The company was under severe pressure from the European officials which has led them to take this decision.

Clegg further added that they require approval from the individual national election administrators in order to change the rules. Clegg has been in talks with the president of European Parliament Antonia Tajani, and he said that these new rules were built around the national elections and now as they are asking for exemption we are ready to do it after getting the permission from national election administrators.

It isn’t three months, yet Facebook has brought this new rule concerning the European elections, and now they are facing this issue. The company is in a hesitating situation about what’s right and what’s wrong right now.

Clegg noted that the recent Facebook decision in the view of European elections as the most sophisticated feature that they have ever deployed. But they have been pressurized to take this rule back.

Last week Facebook received a letter from three secretaries general of Europe asking them to review their rules for election campaigning, and now the company has taken a forward step by allowing the cross-border campaigning feature.

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