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It’s Now Easier for Tweeple to Like in the Twitter Prototype App named “Twttr”

Catherine Feather




Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter was worried about the people who are craving for likes on his whilst the same Twitter has now made “liking” an easy option for the Tweeple. Last week while addressing the audience at Ted Talks, Jack said that he wants to remove the like option completely so that people do not go to any extent for just likes.

The company itself is confused about the production direction. In a series of tweets from Twitter Support, the company announced officially that now Tweeple can like any post on Twitter by just swiping the tweet either left or right. The company used to give this feature for the Twitter thread earlier, but now it has been provided for individual tweets too.

This latest version of Twitter prototype launched into the market on Thursday. From now onwards this swipe feature will be available everywhere and it can be considered as a universal gesture or Twttr. This indeed is a great feature because it becomes pretty confusing for the users as the swipe option is present in some places of the app and is absent in some other.

Twttr isn’t something that John has in his mind. It is just a prototype where the developers and users work as a team to develop and test the features. If these features are perfect, then they will be rolled out in the market. As of now, the Twitter app is primarily focused on redesigning the twitter threads. The nesting of the tweets is mandatory as some threads are very long and it is tough to understand who is talking to whom.

Twitter is also planning to label the users just like LinkedIn. The person who posted the tweet will be labeled as “author,” and the people who reply will be labeled as “follower.”

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