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SBI fixes the Major Glitch Which Caused Data Leak




State Bank Of india

State Bank of India (SBI), has fixed a glitch in its systems that might have exposed millions of customers’ financial information. A U.S. based TechCrunch news website reported that the SBI had secured an unprotected server that would allow anyone to access information of its customers, including transactions and bank balances.

The bank announced on Friday that it would like to assure all its customers that their data is safe and secure and are fully committed to ensuring this.

The report said that a Mumbai-based data center’s server, stored data from SBI Quick, a text message and call-based system that is used get basic information about their bank accounts by SBI customers.

The TechCrunch report also mentioned that the server was left unprotected, giving access to two months of SBI Quick data to anyone, who knew where to look for. It also claimed that just Monday’s data included three million messages that were sent to the SBI consumers.

SBI said that the process to mask such account details uses the services of telecom providers and aggregators.

SBI also added that the investigation had revealed that there was a misconfiguration in their process that arose on January 27 and was subsequently rectified.

SBI’s investigation also mentioned that the servers remained secure and that there had been no breach.

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