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LinkedIn adds a new meeting planner feature in its messenger





Many users of LinkedIn has shared that they often meet up with the people they chat in LinkedIn messenger. To plan and schedule a meeting with the other person is a hell of a job and needs a lot of effort. However, with the new feature of the LinkedIn application, it is easier to schedule a meeting. The feature not only fixes the date of the meeting but also allows you to choose a time slot and venue. The professional networking platform owned by Microsoft has newly added the options to the planning of meeting new people without switching to other features from messaging services.

According to a blog post by the associate product manager of messenger team of LinkedIn Hannah Cutler, to save the trouble of switching between applications repeatedly, a simple click on the calendar icon of LinkedIn application redirects to the calendar of the mobile device which helps to suggest the dates and slots that the user might like to share.

The blog post further stated that the user will soon be able to check and finalize the date and time for the following meet up with the other person and send a confirmation as per choice.  The user will also be able to share the current location for a particular time and engage real-time meetings at various events. With a simple click on the map icon on the message composes box, the user can send the location of the meeting. This is available on both the iOS and the Android applications. The new features to meetups have given an opportunity for the users to engage in the application and plan everything through one place. LinkedIn messaging has been very popular from the last year. About 60% increase of users is noted in the application annually.

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