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Fortnite’s new update- Reduces Crashes, Packs in 32 GB and Much More





The Fortnite 7.30 update will witness a host of improvements to the Nintendo Switch version of Epic Games’ battle royale sensation. A post from an Epic Games employee on a Fortnite subreddit said that users can expect a slew of optimizations for the game on Nintendo’s hybrid console. This will include more efficient memory allocation which will prevent crashes, an increased texture pool size which will reduce the blurry textures, an improved resolution on the Nintendo Switch too. An official release date for Fortnite 7.30 update hasn’t been announced yet. 

A post from an Epic Games employee read thus–  “Things such as frame rates and overall performance will be the things that we have been constantly working on optimizing all platforms.” The switch related improvements are listed below. 

  • Moving to a more efficient memory allocator on Switch; which will significantly reduce the crashes due to out of memory.
  • Reduced hitches on Switch which was caused by garbage collection.
  • Improved level streaming performance on Switch, speeding up building load times.
  • Increased texture pool size on Switch by 100MB to reduce issues with blurry textures.
  • GPU performance improvements for Switch – improved screen resolution.
  • Doubled the limit for the number of cosmetics that can be displayed on the screen as we now have more free memory.

These aren’t the only changes in the Fortnite’s v7.30 update. It will make loot boxes much more transparent. Fortnite’s Save the World V-Buck Llamas (loot boxes) will be known as X-Ray Llamas and would show the content of the boxes before it is opened. The game will also be seen implementing duplicate prevention, which means there will be a much higher chance of getting weapons or items which the users already don’t already have.

A developer of Epic Games said that the prices of X-Ray Llamas will remain the same. And Epic had claimed that any items which could be found via even the cheapest llamas in the game, would cost 50 V-Bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency).

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