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Apple Renovates a historical building for its retail operation

Catherine Feather



Apple Store

Apple has chosen a very interesting location in the US capital for its retail operations. The location is labeled as the “Most ambitious” project for Apple as it is within a historic landmark.

The store will open on Saturday, Apple invited a few journalists on Thursday to view their renovated Carnegie library in downtown Washington. The building is a few blocks from the Capitol and the White House.

The project was launched in 2015 and involved a meticulous task of restoring the 1903 marble-façade public library. Apple funded the renovation and decided to use only one of the three floors for itself while the local historical exhibits will own the other two.

Reports suggest Apple invested more than $30 million in the restoration, but they have declined to answer. Apple development team leader Mike Brown named it as the most ambitious project because of the vast size of the building (64,000 square feet) and its historical significance.

The historical society of Washington will reopen the building with three galleries, a museum, and a research library. Apple worked closely with restoration experts to preserve the building’s historic outlook and added new elements of the original Vermont Marble and restoring the 20th-century design element in the building.

Apple decided to avoid any commercial promotion with the building. So they fitted two modest size corporate logos on the façade which are removable.

Stefan Behling is one of the architects on the project, and he believed that Apple didn’t want to disturb the character or design of the original building during the renovation.

He added that the building was a very beautiful historic space and they were extra careful while renovating it. He said such was Apple’s commitment that they didn’t even change the way ‘Shakespeare and Newton’ was written.

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