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Hyundai inks partnership with Yandex on building self-driving tech





Hyundai has lately inked a deal with the Russian search giant Yandex to develop a self-driving car tech. This news comes shortly after Hyundai invested in Ola, cementing Hyundai’s plans in the futuristic automotive services. Together, Hyundai and Yandex will be developing the software and hardware for making autonomous car systems a reality.

Companies like Google, Baidu and Apple have been developing various facets of connected cars in partnership with automotive companies- including infotainment integrations as well as progress on the self-driving tech. However, for Yandex, this is the first deal with an OEM carmaker. According to Yandex, it will be chiefly working with Hyundai Mobis, which is the OEM parts and service division of Hyundai. The plan is to come up with a self-driving platform. This platform can be used by any standalone car manufacturer or taxi-fleet and it will cover both, prototype and parts for other carmakers. Mobis is the supplier for Hyundai, its fully owned Genesis and its partly owned Kia subsidiaries besides other automakers. So it’s probable that these will be the first vehicles to see the results of the ongoing developments.


This partnership with Hyundai is a clear validation of the self-driving platform developed by Yandex. They have already successfully conducted thousands of rides in the autonomous taxi service without a human driver (robotaxi). Dmitry Polishchuk from Yandex was quoted saying the partnership would help accelerate the pace of development of this technology. He also noted that the partnership was not exclusive and they would be willing to work with other companies as partners.

Yandex is similar to Google and China as it debuted as a search platform but has diversified into different arenas by tapping into research and development in machine learning, as well as other technologies.

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