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Uber Back on Exploring Autonomous Cars and Vehicles





The global ride-sharing giant, Uber has resumed their self-driving programme and it has hired a “micro-mobility robotics” team which will be working on autonomous bikes and scooters.

Uber has been working on developing electric scooters and bicycles which will be able to drive themselves around the cities with the aim of reaching the customers and at charging points.

On Sunday, The Telegraph reported that the electric scooter and bicycle-sharing services will include Uber’s Jump business and their competitors Bird and Lime, that would allow customers to collect the vehicles and then leave them on the pavement outside their destination. 

The report added- “The business hasn’t published further information regarding this project, but it has been indicated on an online hiring page that it has plans of ‘improving safety, rider experience, and operational efficiency of their shared electric scooters and bicycles with the help of applying the sensing and robotics technologies’.

The company has been facing stiff competition from companies like Lime, Lyft, and various other newbies. 

The move will pave way for Uber to stand out, and will also ingratiate itself with the city officials who will otherwise balk. Uber’s self-driving car division had been temporarily shut down in 2018 after it witnessed a fatal crash in the US state of Arizona. A self-driving Volvo SUV from Uber which had been traveling at the speed of 64 km per hour ended up killing a woman, and this triggered a heavy backlash and a heated debate on whether or not autonomous cars are safe enough to be used and who has to be blamed for the woman’s death.

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