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Anthem Will Discontinue loot Boxes, since They Have No Purpose





Shared world shooter Anthem will not have loot boxes since they serve no purpose. This has been developed by Mass Effect and Dragon Age studio BioWare, and the game will instead have optional cosmetic micro-transactions instead of loot boxes. Replying to a fan’s feedback on Twitter, Anthem’s Producer Michael Gamble stated that the cosmetics and micro-transaction plan for the game will have no place for loot boxes at this time. In addition to this, he also went on to mention that the progression through the Anthem demo will be much easier than the full game. The reason is that BioWare wishes to give players the chance to “earn stuff and feel what it would be like.”

Gamble tweeted thus- “Oh before I forget: the progression (XP curves), as well as general in-game economy balance, will be a bit easier in the demo. We want you to earn some stuff and feel what it’s like. We will also give you 100 coins to blow on some fancy cosmetics.

He also explained why Anthem won’t have loot boxes. 

He said this- “We aren’t going to add loot boxes. It serves no purpose. The cosmetics and mtx [micro-transactions] plan are what we have outlined. Legion of [D]awn is 4 armor packs. They aren’t just skins. Each javelin has 4 armor bits. You get 16 with LOD [Legion of Dawn] + wpn [weapons] + other goodies.

During August last year, Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah said that the game has been designed as a co-op experience and would work best with four players, wherein each server supports four players. Anthem Producer Thomas Singleton also went on to reveal that the sci-fi shared world shooter will not be as fun alone as it would be when users play it with their friends. It will also have matchmaking abilities, which means users won’t have to align their schedules with three other friends for co-op play.

The Anthem game will be out on February 22. Prior to this, a couple of demo events will be held. The Anthem VIP demo will begin from January 25 and will end by January 27. It will be open to all starting from February 1 to February 3. To access the VIP demo, users will need to either pre-order the game or join the event through an Origin Access for PC or subscribe to EA Access on the Xbox One.

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